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AIRPORTEVE is television stations & broadcast companies that specialize in airing on the airport in Indonesia.

In our observation and experience that we look over the past few years, there was any significant increases in the world of air transportation, whether the number of aircraft movements or number of passengers increasing with average ranges from 5 – 10% (survey data from Angkasa Pura II). The increasing mobility in airports can be indication of positive or good economic impact of the airport.

Based on survey results, there’s a very good chance and highly effective to advertise in airports because airports are the best venues to capture the attention of passengers. Airporteve engages passengers by showing many television programme and advertisements in airport.

We have more than 140 units digital television with spread position, located at public areas, check-in area, corridor, boarding and arrival lounges. We produce more great programmes and always improve our digital products and services, its allows to attract visitors in the airport.


 Airporteve offers several advantages:

  • Airporteve programmes are inhouse locked programme, so when advertising program are running passengers can’t change the channels.
  • A great opportunity to see, because we have more than 140 units digital television with spread position in airport areas, it’s allow capture the attention of passengers.
  • SES A, B, C+ airport passengers dominated by the level decision makers. So Airporteve remains one of the strongest segments to target business executives, investors, or levels of government.
  • The number of air passengers growth increased significantly* every year, it’s make airports are the best venues for advertising.
  • Airporteve designed to be a full-service offering with seamless integration of quality television programme and advertising, Airporteve is targeting a very specific market with the hope of combining the powers of inhouse television programme and advertising. Our television programme and the number of advertisement airing are flexible, to adapt to client requests.

Diversification and globalization are the keys to the future.

RIZANOEL IRVIN LATIF - President Director
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